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Are some people more affected than others?

  • Not everyone who is exposed to wildfire smoke will have health problems. Age, individual susceptibility – including the presence or absence of pre-existing lung (e.g., asthma, COPD) or heart disease, and other factors – determine whether someone will experience smoke-related health problems.
  • Most healthy adults and children will recover quickly from smoke exposure and will not suffer long-term health consequences. Certain sensitive people may experience more severe acute and chronic symptoms. 
  • Children, pregnant women, elderly individuals, and people who are sensitive to air pollution (such as those with pre-existing heart and lung disease) should take precautions to limit exposure to wildfire smoke.
  • Sensitive individuals concerned about the potential health implications of exposure to wildfire smoke should discuss this with their primary healthcare provider and check the Air Quality Index (www.airnow.gov) each day for the air quality forecast and for information about ways to reduce exposure.
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